You Saw My Ad… Now Hire Me 2017-11-12T07:37:36+00:00

Sure, seeing a Facebook ad on your own Facebook timeline to hire a prospective candidate is not usual. But frankly, I want to stand out, and doing this was easy and it cost me less than a Big Mac. Here’s how I did it:

  1. I installed a Facebook tracking Pixel on my website.
  2. I created an custom audience which targeted people who have visited my website and the additional parameter “People who work at Utah State University.”
  3. I created the ad which you saw that would display only to that audience.

I knew that when you visit my website, you may be scratching your head asking “This doesn’t really show anything about Kirk Salisbury’s digital expertise… this is a travel blog.” Well nevermind the content of the site. What I’ve done is targeted you without you ever realizing it. You stopped by my site, you then later saw an ad which was relevant to you, it was captivating enough that you clicked. And that’s exactly what we want our prospective students to do throughout their enrollment funnel.

So, hire me. Let’s do this.