ADVS—Bioveterinary Emphasis

Hey, I’m Heather! For my job at Utah’s Hogle Zoo, I engage guests by teaching them about animals, conservation, and the environment through interpretation, program narrations, and interactive animal programs. This relates perfectly to my degree at USU because I’m studying to become a veterinarian – specifically a zoo vet – and have been able to learn a lot more about specific zoo animals and conservation through this job.

My favorite part of the job is making a child’s day by telling them cool facts about their favorite animal, and seeing their eyes light up with excitement. I love when children tell me they want to be like me and work in a zoo one day, because I was once in their shoes and was inspired as a child to work in a zoo by someone working as an eco-explorer. Because of my bioveterinary emphasis, the job I love can become my career someday!