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A Poor-Man’s-Guide To See The World.

You have found a good deal on a flight through a Facebook page somewhere or Google flights! Off to see the world! Wait. What about the hotel, activities, getting around… and then food? May as well stay home?

The tips that I’ve learned come from the folks over at wetravelcheap.com, where their philosophy is travel SLC (Safe, Luxurious, Cheap). So no, traveling cheap does not mean you’ll be traveling “cheap.”

The Rules – The Flights – Everything Else

Before setting out on your adventure, understand that affordable travel is done by leveraging the best credit card offers. Make no mistake, the world of credit is deceptive and sneaky! They want you to fall into their traps. Many people fall into traps with credit, and thanks to those people, they’ve funded your next vacation! Once you understand the angle the credit card companies are taking, we’ll explore how to get flights at only the price of the 9/11 tax ($5.60 per person, per direction), and then take care of hotels and moving around on the ground for $0.00.

Disclaimer: The images in the background are Carne Asada fries from Lucha Libre in San Diego (your first stop after getting off the plane). The food pictured wasn’t free – they were just really good! Pro-tip credit goes to my cousin, Chris.

Part 1: The Catch, Risk and Rules.

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Part 2: Flights

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Part 3: Cars, Hotels, Activities

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